Zebra – touch computers that improve the implementation of tasks in your company


Nowadays, almost every industry has already been computerized. It is certainly not the result of a trend or fashion for the use of electronic devices. The key issue is the effectiveness and convenience of using this type of device. Thanks to computers, it is not only possible to design, plan and program. They enable other activities so useful for the retail, production, transport and logistics industries. Touch computers are ideal for these industries. What is their phenomenon? What applications are these types of solutions used for? How do they translate into the quality of work performed with their use? You can find all this information in this article!

What are touch computers?

Touch handheld computers from the renowned Zebra brand are a kind of hybrid between a standard notebook and a smartphone. Their small dimensions and a wide range of functionalities allow for a very wide application of this equipment in many industries. Handheld computers are very similar to modern smartphones. They have a large touch screen, solid housing and many intuitive applications. Zebra touch computers with TC52 and TC72 markings are based on the popular Android system, thanks to which they are very easy to use and offer their users very stable operation.

Opsenio: oprogramowanie dedykowane

What is the use of touch screen handheld computers?

As already mentioned, handheld computers from Zebra offer a wide range of options for their users. The aforementioned models of handheld computers with the TC52 and TC72 markings are ideal for industries such as: retail, field work or warehouse management. Thanks to the built-in and developed applications, we can:

  • locate products,
  • manage planograms,
  • track deliveries,
  • manage inventory and resources,
  • collect delivery receipts,
  • invoice transactions.

As you can see, the capabilities of this equipment are impressive. Hand-held computers are therefore ideal for warehouses, large stores, and also when managing a company from a distance. They are also a very big improvement in the performance of daily duties, but more on that later in the article.

How touch computers can improve your work?

Mobility is the key. Additionally, the ease of use of this type of equipment is important. We can always have handheld computers with us. Regardless of what part of the hall, warehouse or store we are currently in. Devices of this type use wireless connectivity. We can monitor stock levels on an ongoing basis or enter current data into the system. The times when you had to write everything down by hand, remember or carry sheets and notebooks with you are long gone. Thanks to the use of Zebra handheld computers, we are able to reduce the time needed to control the state of our warehouse. The same applies to reducing the number of products in the store to a minimum.

Touch computers are another proof that technology plays a very important role in the service of human beings. It makes our duties easier and reduces the risk of mistakes. Touch computers are the perfect solution for those who appreciate comfort in managing a company or carrying out their own duties. Check out Zebra Technologies’ range of handheld computers with a touchscreen.

Cooperation of brands: Zebra and Opsenio

Thanks to the cooperation with Zebra, the Opsenio offer extends to all of the above-mentioned handheld computer applications. Interested? Please contact us!