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IT for business – we present the content of an interview for Forbes Polska, 05/2022. The original material in Polish can be found here (page 7)

The real innovation makes the existing problems of entrepreneurs their competitive advantage. How does it look in practice? Representatives of Opsenio Sp. z o.o.

There has been a lot of talk lately about digital transformation and innovative business approaches. What’s all this about?

  • Jakub Rumian: another industrial revolution is already underway. The current level of IT development makes it possible to support any enterprise and transfer existing processes, activities and decisions to the digital world. Thanks to this, it is possible to react better and faster to threats, changes and opportunities. The thing is, there is no one good recipe for digital transformation. You have to approach it wisely. The most important thing is to pay attention to the realities that characterize a specific enterprise. Then, taking actions that are not focused solely on selling your own services, but on solving the observed problems.

So we’re talking about full software customization?

  • Tomasz Srebrny: exactly! The basis is understanding the company’s problems, collecting data, getting to know the internal environment and external conditions of the business. Not everyone is aware that the development of an enterprise with the use of IT is definitely more than just purchasing software. Focusing on solving problems allows you to create a unique scenario of project activities. The result is a solution tailored to your specific needs. And most importantly: over time, we always see a return on such an investment.

ROI topic appeared. How to wisely plan an investment in software?

  • Filip Dziedzic: universalism is not always possible. One issue is the purchase of an e-mail program license and the other is a system supporting field workers. Does it make sense to build your own email program? Usually not. Will the ready-made solution for employees meet all requirements? The answer is similar. Example: energy industry, field service required. Problems: access to documentation and difficulties with communication. Solution: a dedicated mobile app that synchronizes offline data. The instant reporting and access to data increased the productivity of teams by 20%. Such effects can be achieved when the created solution responds 100% to the problems. An individual approach is the basis for a reasonable planning of IT investments.

Sounds good, but does the same scheme always work?

  • Jakub Rumian: the biggest problem is shaping customer awareness. Some companies are well aware of the problems they are struggling with and expect specific solutions within the established budget. There are cases where someone has a brilliant idea for improvement in their head, but is not able to implement it themselves. Here, the approach of the design team requires more creativity. At Opsenio, we like such challenges a lot! The last group of clients feel that they are standing still and contact us with a request for a thorough analysis of the potential and suggesting solutions. Each of these cases requires a different course of action.

The biggest obstacle in solving such problems is?

  • Tomasz Srebrny: the most difficult thing is to change the way customers perceive problems. Many are convinced that success can only be achieved with a finished product, without unnecessarily getting involved in the creative process. This option is convenient, but it does’t allow you to achieve a real market advantage. Success doesn’t lie on the shelf – you have to work for it. Only the full involvement of the business and technology provider enables a successful digital transformation. The next steps are much easier.

A company that invests in dedicated software once wants more and more?

  • Filip Dziedzic: it is easier to conduct investments when real profits from already performed activities are noticed. Trust has to be earned. One mobile application usually entails another one: to operate a warehouse, tool room, breakdowns, etc. The financial industry often focuses on improving customer service. Dedicated software is the basis here. In this way, we build complaint management systems and facilitate integration with credit risk data. There are many examples. Eliminating problems is the key. This immediately translates into increased efficiency.
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Source: Forbes Polska, 05/2022

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