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Systems integration

Systems integration

The implementation of IT systems with a wide range of applications throughout an organization significantly improves data access and management.

Choose reliability and full scalability by selecting a proven contractor!

Enterprise-class solutions

Systems integration allows you to transform your organization into one, connected business. In it, clients, employees and subcontractors can cooperate without any obstacles. Integrate data with us, regardless of its source and format!


Real savings

Many of the apps used within a single company are from different suppliers. These are separate technologies, standards. Streamline operations and create a central, connected software architecture. A unified solution means a tangible financial profit!

Lower costs

Queuing system

From a technical point of view, it is the queuing theory that influences the design of efficient systems. Separate the various components with the right tools and be more error-resistant!

IBM WebSphere MQ
IBM App Connect Enterprise

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Meet our Expert

Michał Kopeć

Michał Kopeć

solution architect

A specialist on data migration and system integration with considerable experience. When there is a need to merge different standards, concepts or solutions, only extensive experience can lead to final success. The knowledge he acquired cannot be found in books. He values his time and doesn’t waste it creating problems.

In search of compromises, he is always guided by the good of the client, i.e. the quality of the solution.

Systems integration means tangible profits for you!

Systems integration
  • Optimizing business processes
  • Lower costs of integrating services between new and old systems than replacing the entire software with new one
  • Competitive advantage, especially when performing repetitive or complex operations
  • Process automation
  • Maximum use of the IT infrastructure already in place and the possibility of its gradual expansion
  • Improved data transmission and conversion
Systems integration
  • Every change in the system is immediately available to everyone
  • Improved transparency of activities and effective exchange of information between different departments of the company
  • Easy access to unified analytical data
  • Increased productivity
  • Automation of previously manual tasks – reduced occurrence of “human error”
  • Comprehensive tracking, monitoring and data management


What our clients say about us

One of our Bank's critical systems is a solution that supports the loan management process. Everything works smoothly thanks to Opsenio. They develop and maintain dedicated software that improves our activities in this area significantly. The system is stable despite the heavy load every day. I recommend Opsenio as a reliable partner you can always rely on.
Marcin Krauze
Tribe Leader,Tribe Systemy Ryzyka, BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A.
Cooperation with Opsenio always runs smoothly. The wide range of competences of this team's members confirms the full professionalism of the entire brand. You can count on Opsenio from the consulting stage, conducting analytical work to describe as-is processes, to designing to-be solutions. We have tested them in practice many times and have never been disappointed. Opsenio migrated data for us, integrated systems, created mobile apps, trained and carried out advanced tests, automating them. These activities were carried out for clients in Poland and abroad. The Opsenio brand means professionalism and commitment in every detail. Highly recommend!
Zbigniew Cieślak
COO, Vetasi Sp. z o.o
Opsenio's professional approach can be seen at every stage of project implementation. Always ready to talk, always determined to act.
Marcin Klabiński
IBM Cloud Platform Leader, Poland & Baltics IBM Technology Unit, IBM Polska Sp. z o.o.

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Choose system integration with Opsenio:

  • as an independent supplier, we focus on results, we do not favor any of the communication participants
  • when integrating systems, we have scalability and reliability in mind
  • when designing complex issues, we use CDM (Canonical Data Model)
  • we enable integration using both integration buses and point-to-point connections. All that taking individual needs into account,
  • we integrate data regardless of its source and format (e.g. flat files, XML, JSON, databases, REST API, Web Service API)

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