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The microservice architecture enables the fast and reliable delivery of even the most complex apps. With microservices, many teams are working on different features at the same time. All challenges are tackled here in an agile manner!

Enterprise-class solutions

Creating a network of related services and protocols will greatly improve the process of creating your app. If you expect reliability and easy management of installation, updates or possible rollbacks, this is the right solution for you.

Time to market


This is a solution that optimizes the use of computing resources much better than virtualization. Create, run and share app images!


Streamlining work

Do not let the technological barrier become an obstacle to your brand’s development! Use the full IT potential and focus on efficient container management!


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Meet our Expert

Michał Gruszczyński

Michał Gruszczyński

solution architect

For several years he has been passionate about programming, architecture and domain analysis of systems. He always emphasizes that the strength of microservices is revealed in the precise definition of their boundaries and interdependencies, and this is only possible if we understand them very well and speak a common language with business. He considers the understanding of individual needs and problems of clients the basis for effective action. He loves to work with both people and machines – this allows him to achieve amazing results!

Microservices - building apps has never been so effective!

  • An easy-to-manage business model
  • Optimizing internal processes in the shortest possible time
  • Automation of processes while maintaining the possibility of their constant expansion and scaling as they develop
  • The ability to effectively build a competitive advantage
  • Great flexibility in the selection of implemented solutions
  • Organizing activities closely matched to business requirements
  • Increasing the productivity and speed of development teams
  • Better error isolation
  • Very easy to integrate with existing software
  • The possibility of quick expansion and modification
  • Segmentation, which allows you to work and test selected parts of the software without treating it as a whole
  • Consistent behavior of multiple apps across the system
  • Higher system accessibility
  • Faster handling of detected errors


What our clients say about us

One of our Bank's critical systems is a solution that supports the loan management process. Everything works smoothly thanks to Opsenio. They develop and maintain dedicated software that improves our activities in this area significantly. The system is stable despite the heavy load every day. I recommend Opsenio as a reliable partner you can always rely on.
Marcin Krauze
Tribe Leader,Tribe Systemy Ryzyka, BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A.
Cooperation with Opsenio always runs smoothly. The wide range of competences of this team's members confirms the full professionalism of the entire brand. You can count on Opsenio from the consulting stage, conducting analytical work to describe as-is processes, to designing to-be solutions. We have tested them in practice many times and have never been disappointed. Opsenio migrated data for us, integrated systems, created mobile apps, trained and carried out advanced tests, automating them. These activities were carried out for clients in Poland and abroad. The Opsenio brand means professionalism and commitment in every detail. Highly recommend!
Zbigniew Cieślak
COO, Vetasi Sp. z o.o
The Opsenio team takes all projects very seriously. I appreciate their business and technical approach. Support, timing, professional contact - I was not disappointed. They offer our technologies enhanced by their experience that actually solve specific problems. I really appreciate this approach.
Krzysztof Pietkiewicz
Partner Recruitment Leader Poland- IBM Ecosystem, IBM Polska Sp. z o.o.

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Build a microservice architecture with Opsenio, if:

  • you expect reliability, scalability and easy management of the creation and development process of your app
  • you care about agility that allows for integration with existing DEVOps environments
  • you value high efficiency of delivering patches and improvements
  • you are looking for the possibility of creating features with an individual life cycle
  • you need a solution that works independently of the platform or cloud
  • you are looking for a proven partner in building systems using Serverless Architecture
  • you want to use the potential of microservices as much as possible

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