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You need to know that: enterprise modernization is an individual matter that requires careful analysis. Creating useful custom software is our priority.

We want the solutions provided by Opsenio to work effectively. We focus on getting to know the client and its business environment thoroughly. The experience gained over the years in various sectors of the economy helps. However, employees are one of the greatest pillars of our company. By combining an individual approach to your business with knowledge and skills, we are able to create a system that will allow you to spread your wings. That’s all true… but… let’s move on to this software utility!

For today, we are ending with marketing generalities and moving on to practice

A lot can be said about useful cusom software. It is worth considering the process of designing and implementing a new system as an investment.

If so, from a practical point of view, this investment should pay off. Useful dedicated software has a significant impact on the implementation of the most important business processes of the enterprise. However, it is somewhat difficult to provide general benefits. So let’s start with the basics!

The very methodology of work adopted by the development team is of key importance. An advantage for the company should be the use of Agile and Lean methodology. The principles of agile approach to IT engineering focus on delivering a well-functioning system. Extensive volumes of project documentation are relegated to the background. Quick response to changes, delivery of the minimum version of the product and clear milestones significantly improve the implementation of the entire process. Focus on cooperation and transparent actions become the key to delivering a product that will work. It is not only about its failure-free operation, but also about introducing real improvements in the company.

Lean principles are very often connected with Agile methodology. In both cases, the goal is the same: to provide investors with specific value in a short time. The paradigm of introducing new software functions in small increments but as fast as possible is realized here. The implementation of such effective activities is possible thanks to the involvement of experienced specialists in the project and the use of automation.

Useful custom software: cost-benefit analysis

Assessment of the business decisions made in the context of their consequences is extremely important. How to check if the investment in the project will bring the desired benefits? Analyze it step by step:

  • clearly define the goals that the new software should achieve
  • check the alternatives: do you really need a custom solution to achieve these goals, or is the possibility of using the solutions available on the market enough for you?
  • identify the costs and benefits associated with the implemented project
  • set a schedule for incurring these costs and achieving benefits – check if you are ready to implement such a plan
  • make decisions tailored to your real needs and possibilities

The benefits of implementing a personalized software project can be seen from the very beginning. It could be, for example:

  • avoiding unnecessary costs – thanks to the use of proven tools and designing only the necessary functionalities of the system
  • error reduction – using the Agile methodology, the project team can quickly catch possible errors and eliminate them very efficiently
  • increased flexibility – product versions delivered in consecutive milestones can be flexibly adapted to customer requirements, thanks to which the investor gains a real influence on the final value of the project and has constant control over the progress

Stages of software delivery

Useful dedicated software is created through a multi-stage process. It is for this reason that we emphasize the product design process. If you want to learn more about this comprehensive approach to designing dedicated systems, see here. Very schematically, the stages of work can be divided into:

  • designing solutions tailored to the individual needs of the enterprise
  • creation of individual system components according to agreed milestones
  • implementation of ready-made system elements into the test environment – verification of proper functioning
  • presenting a solution that functions in a transitional environment to the client
  • after approval, the product is verified on a selected test group in the customer’s company
  • successful completion of each of the above-mentioned stages results in the implementation of the system

In practice, we can make changes at every stage of the system design, thanks to which the final product deserves the name of useful dedicated software.

useful custom software

When does an investment in custom software pay off?

The choice of out of the box solutions available on the market is a simple way to implement a useful system in the enterprise. However, if you realize that you need much more functionality to run effective operations, the better step will be to use useful custom software. And this, unfortunately, you will not find on a store shelf.

Have you ever wondered how many costs you incurred in connection with the purchase of a number of box functionalities that are basically not used by anyone in your company? This is another problem and at the same time an advantage of custom software. If you decide to create a personalized solution, you will be guaranteed that the system will be equipped with exactly the functionalities you need. And you only pay for it.

It is also worth paying attention to security. Useful custom software uses the most modern methods to protect your data. In addition, these systems are efficient and can be flexibly adapted to specific needs. It is scalability that makes dedicated software able to grow with your company. So you can easily develop them in accordance with new business goals that you want to pursue over time.

Did you know that a our system is fully customizable? This means that it can be easily integrated with other programs or platforms that you use in your company. After all, the power of true modernization lies in introducing innovations and using the full potential of the tools available in the enterprise. Thanks to this, everything is streamlined and works efficiently.

Challenges associated with custom software

Custom software has a higher initial cost than an investment in commercially available systems. If you are a representative of a small business, consider whether you really need such personalization. Undoubtedly, even a small start-up may have advanced technological needs that cannot be met by boxed solutions. So it all depends not so much on the size of the company as on its real needs.

It is also worth being aware of the time it takes to design and implement useful dedicated software. The more advanced the solutions are, the more long-term the whole investment will be. You are able to implement ready-made solutions very quickly. The question is, can you wait for personalized benefits? It’s definitely worth it, but be sure to make rational decisions. In practice, the time of such implementation can be optimized through detailed planning and the use of Agile methodology. Remember that dedicated software is an investment – it will pay off!

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