OPSENIO becomes a member of the VETASI GROUP


We are very pleased to announce that Opsenio has become a member of Vetasi! Cooperation with such a dynamically operating brand all over the world is a reason to be proud and a chance to implement new, exciting projects.

Opsenio and Vetasi – the power of numbers

Since the name Opsenio means “the strength of numbers”, it is best to present the potential of cooperation with Vetasi through the prism of numbers:

Opsenio: custom software

The Vetasi brand has completed over 200 projects for clients from all over the world. The structure of this organization includes 180 software experts who realistically improve the key processes of companies. Efficient implementation of tasks is possible through Vetasi’ branches in 6 countries. Constant online communication between employees is the basis!

Opsenio and Vetasi – scope of activity

Vetasi provides software for business that enables development, efficient management and gaining a competitive advantage in various fields of activity, e.g .:

Opsenio, as a brand specializing in custom software development, will implement projects strictly related to the current business profile, i.e .:

An innovative approach to the opportunities that the IT world opens up for business is the common denominator of all activities undertaken by both Opsenio and Vetasi. It is for this reason that the combination of the strengths of both brands opens up new opportunities. All for cooperation that will contribute to the provision of IT services at the highest level. The knowledge and practical experience of our experts is a real strength that we are proud of!

Why is it worth working with Opsenio and Vetasi

The basic advantages of cooperation with Opsenio and Vetasi are:

  • Hundreds of completed projects
  • Satisfied customers around the world
  • Experienced experts
  • Approach focused on eliminating key problems of entrepreneurs

By joining forces, we benefit from mutual support and constantly increase our own competences. Thanks to this, we are able to quickly respond to the needs of customers. We carefully analyze their problems and flexibly adapt to the requirements or capabilities of the other party. We focus on building honest relationships and implementing projects step by step. Our Team planning the scope of work in detail and setting milestones. Cooperation with us means constant control over the progress of the investment. We encourage you to actively participate in design changes. Client can be sure that each element of the created solution has been thoroughly checked and tested.

Opsenio’s strength as a member of the Vetasi group

All activities undertaken by Opsenio have one goal: to provide solutions that really work in practice. Web and mobile applications, microservices, data migration, service integration, product design – these are the basic issues in which our experts can advise and propose an optimal solution. We don’t focus on proposing ready-made solutions, but treat each case individually. Each project of our custom software is preceded by a thorough analysis of the company’s situation and the opportunities available for a specific industry. Only in this way we are able to propose a great solution. That kind of system will provide a competitive advantage and create opportunities for unlimited development in the future.


The cooperation of Opsenio and Vetasi is a new chapter in the field of optimizing the operation of companies. We are excited about the future. Coherent visions for the development and missions of both brands is an excellent starting point. We invite you to cooperate – join the group of our satisfied customers scattered all over the world!

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