OpenShift – Opsenio and the IBM cloud – why is it worth it?


An even more flexible solution for efficient business management? Yes, it is possible! By using the OpenShift technology from IBM, Opsenio will enable your business to take full advantage of the potential of modern container-based technologies and solutions. OpenShift in the IBM Cloud is a solution that can be used even by companies that are just taking their first steps in using the digital economy to serve business. Thanks to the availability of the solutions offered, the digitalisation of Polish businesses is literally at your fingertips.

OpenShift and the IBM Cloud – become a master of Microservices

OpenShift in the IBM Cloud is designed to support companies in the early stages of their cloud migration. All of this is possible thanks to the availability of container software, independent of the cloud itself. Programmers thus gain access to a platform that enables containerisation and allows tasks to be completed quickly and reliably (even for heavy-duty activities). What is the advantage of this solution? All of the work related to container creation and management will be performed faster and easier than with Kubernetes. Don’t wait, find out in practice

Businesses that are already using the solutions offered by OpenShift certainly appreciate their simplicity. This allows work to be done more efficiently, which pays off in the successful implementation of a greater number of projects. In this case, it is only a matter of time before the company’s revenue increases.

OpenShift – some specifics on why you should choose this solution

The benefits associated with using OpenShift software are many, but we will focus on those that definitely directly translate into success for our customers, namely:

  • refined UI for easy use – a comfortable, centralised dashboard
  • access to the IBM Cloud
  • mossibility to build containers directly from sources, without advanced knowledge (Source to Image)
  • ability to fully separate: projects, networks or hardware resources (Multi-tenancy)
  • ability to efficiently management each user’s access to specific projects (OAuth server)
  • access to other services offered through Opsenio and IBM collaboration, e.g.: artificial intelligence, analytics
  • ability to monitor applications in detail
  • flexibility of the solution: ideal for both developers and beginners
  • unlimited availability: worldwide, in single- and multi-zone options
  • own image repository (Docker)
  • default, precise application security settings

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Opsenio and OpenShift  

Why does OpenShift technology play to your advantage? Thank to this solution and the rapid deployment offered by Opsenio, you will be able to achieve shorter application development cycles. Speed is therefore a considerable advantage that will give your company a competitive edge. OpenShift not only enables specific applications to be brought to market more quickly. The real strength of this solution lies in its ability to instantly rectify any errors. The introduction of new functions will also not pose the slightest problem.

OpenShift and the IBM Cloud – growing your business

Technology that enables real-time savings brings with it a huge opportunity to grow the whole business. With OpenShift and the IBM Cloud, your business will gain the potential to expand into new markets. The technology described streamlines the creation and management of applications to such an extent that the transformation of the digital economy is likely to become the current standard in Poland very soon. Optimal management of all data is the potential to deliver relevant business information at all times. Perhaps your competitors haven’t yet discovered how data can be used to make their operations more efficient? Thanks to the implementation carried out by Opsenio, you have the chance to increase the profitability of your projects and gain a strategic advantage over your competitors. Real power lies in the skilful use of data, its rapid analysis and availability.

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