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Offer for
start-ups and small businesses

You certainly need support in the form of our knowledge and technology. We strive to understand the needs of your brand, and adapt the appropriate software to help it grow. We support you in obtaining subsidies for business development.

We can help you:

Build software
Use the Experts' potential
Gain an advantage
Offer for
medium and large companies

We can look at your business from a new perspective, we advise you on optimal work methodologies. We develop technology by creating software from scratch or integrating operating systems with new ones. Our only limit is your imagination.

We can help you:

Increase efficiency
Optimize the work of key processes
Develop products

How we work?

Dedicated software must be useful. When implementing projects, we focus on eliminating problems and providing fully operational solutions.

See how we work!


Scope of activities and initial budget
We set the framework of the project, get to know the specifics of the task, and estimate the initial budget


Detailed workshops
We detail the scope of work, get to know the problem domain better


Choice of technology and concept visualization
We select technology for a specific problem, visualize and build an app framework


Building and testing a solution
We bring the system to life - we program in sprints, we use automatic and manual tests


Making the system available to users
3, 2, 1... start! We launch and provide users with the MVP version of the product


System maintenance and development
We monitor, optimize and develop - supporting you and your company in continuous improvement