MRO Marketplace: control has never been so important


Have the Covid-19 pandemic and the unstable political situation in Europe affected the MRO market? Of course! The changes that have taken place in this area have one common denominator: increasing the effectiveness of maintenance management. It is possible only thanks to the control, data analysis and efficient management of the entrusted assets of the companies. How can this be done?

MRO – a higher level of management: inventory and delivery logistics

Efficient management of the company’s assets in the field of production and maintenance has always been a challenge. Keeping track of all the smallest parts, including large and expensive parts of engines or industrial machines, is a complicated process. Maintaining reliable inventory control and optimization of costs related to the procurement of parts are the basic elements on which, in the time of the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and the ongoing conflicts in Europe, the attention of many companies is focused. CONTROL is the only element that guarantees stabilization between the challenges of everyday life and the need to run a business effectively.

There are three main aspects to effective control in medium and large enterprises. It is about control:

  • stock status;
  • over people who have access to parts in the warehouse;
  • over the supply chain to ensure a constant supply of critical parts.

Especially in the times of chaos, which we observe now, many entrepreneurs realized how important it is to effectively manage warehouse management. Document flow automation is possible thanks to dedicated IT systems. Thanks to them, you can not only effectively manage information, but also have access to it in real time – everywhere and at any time. Sounds good? But that’s not all!

Opsenio: oprogramowanie dedykowane

Supply chain planning: medium and large enterprises

In order to optimally use the company’s potential, it must be possible for its uninterrupted operation. That is why nowadays it is so important to ensure the efficient execution of orders for parts necessary for maintenance departments. When it comes to supply chains, midsize and large companies are now much better placed to schedule orders to ensure deliveries are in the right size and on time. It should be remembered that accumulating too large stocks of parts generates a significant financial burden. Therefore, rational planning of expenses becomes a priority.

The trend that can be noticed not only in Poland but also around the world is simple: only a reliable data analysis can optimize the delivery planning process. More often than before the pandemic, companies collect information about what parts they have, how often they are used, and when and where they must obtain them. Only knowing the exact figures can optimize not only the process of planning the supply chain, but also the expenses that the company incurs for this purpose. The MRO market is currently experiencing its heyday mainly because access to new parts is becoming more and more difficult.

MRO market: control and long-term thinking

During the Covid-19 era, supply times have increased significantly. Before the pandemic, new orders for basic parts were delivered within 24 hours. A delivery lasting no longer than 2 days has become a standard. At present, the situation is not that good and deliveries are taking longer and longer. The unstable situation in Europe and the new sanction packages require many companies to revise their existing development and optimization strategies as soon as possible. This is a significant threat to business, especially when it comes to obtaining critical spare parts. This is why affairs and supply chain professionals need to think long term.

Planning should take into account the need for maintenance and repair of equipment. This requires a comprehensive change in the approach to purchasing management and maintenance. You need to know the elements of key importance for the functioning of the company and properly categorize all parts present in the warehouse. Having access to optimally classified data, creating a production management plan is very simple. So far, expenditure on the MRO market has not been a key element in the strategic plans of many companies. Extended delivery times for new parts and difficult access to many of them force a change of approach. It is worth protecting yourself in case of problems with the order and planning alternative sources of procurement.

Opsenio: oprogramowanie dedykowane

Control in enterprise management: how to keep data under control?

There is only one answer to the question: how to control the data flow in the company? Optimum control is possible thanks to a proven management system. Only thanks to the implementation of professional solutions, the company is able to control the flow of information, properly classify it and combine data in such a way as to generate real savings. Real-time updates not only help to monitor current consumption, but also provide a strong support in the spending planning process.

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