Low Code platforms – a new face of innovation in enterprises


Changes related to the promotion of the idea of Industry 4.0 are becoming more and more real. Smart production, effective management, and optimization of internal operations. There are many examples, but the real innovation is the speed of reaction to changes. This is why Low Code platforms are gaining so much appreciation.

How to build a competitive advantage in a dynamically changing environment? How to streamline software development activities to deliver measurable value relatively quickly? Let’s find the answer together!

A business model based on Low Code platforms

Innovative business models combine professionalism, quality, and modern technology. All this to dynamically achieve goals and meet the expectations of customers and employees. Low Code technology enables the automation of the process of creating and implementing applications that start to fulfill their role very quickly because their implementation time is faster than those created traditionally.

The Low Code application offer is suitable for creating extremely advanced applications, appreciated by implementers and customers. What is the advantage? First, choose a Low Code platforms that promote productivity and consistency. Ready-made solutions that facilitate, among others: integration with components already functioning in the enterprise, API management, and access to cloud solutions are extremely useful. Flexibility is now becoming the basis of well-functioning enterprises. It is worth using it already at the stage of designing and developing business applications.

The value of Low Code technology is confirmed by research. Gartner analysts predict that the global market using this technology in 2023 will reach USD 26.9 billion. The increase compared to 2022 is considerable: 19.6%. The growth trend will continue until 2026. All this is the effect of extremely dynamic changes that companies must cope with in the shortest possible time. Low Code platforms fit perfectly into the idea of agile software development practices. Detailed analytical data is available in the graphic below.

Low Code platforms

Source: Gartner

Low Code platforms in practice

Low Code platforms provide advanced visual editors for enterprise application development. These extremely intuitive tools make it possible to perform repetitive actions and create application elements on a “drag-and-drop” basis. Individual elements can therefore be freely dragged and dropped, thus creating extremely advanced applications with the maximum use of human and time resources. Does the modern business need something more?

We know from experience that the needs of enterprises are characterized by a very different degree of complexity. The real strength of the Opsenio brand comes from the creation of tailored needs systems that currently improve the activities of leading representatives of almost all sectors of the economy in the country and abroad. Thanks to this, we can efficiently recognize the needs and adjust optimal operating models to them. Yes, to maximize the path to achieving clients’ business goals. The choice of technology, quality, and flexibility are also our priorities. That is why we perfectly understand the need to optimize the implementation time – wherever possible and desirable from the point of view of ensuring the highest quality product.

Why Choose Low Code Apps?

Applications created in Low Code technology can instantly improve internal processes in the company, and contacts with customers and subcontractors. They bring several measurable benefits that are worth emphasizing, e.g.:

  • business flexibility tailored to modern needs – useful tools for integration, process automation, quick implementation of changes and new functionalities,
  • effects achieved in a short time – Low Code technology is perfect where planned changes must be implemented quickly or in those enterprises that are characterized by high dynamics of change,
  • limited resources – quality product – a ready-made solution can be implemented without the need to create time-consuming scripts by highly qualified specialists. Enterprises receive a quality product with optimal use of available resources: time, human capital, financial resources,
  • emphasis on work pace – Low Code technology allows for increasing the effectiveness of programmers’ activities. It enables task automation, increases workflow, and facilitates management. All these advantages can be easily transformed into measurable business benefits for investors,
  • immediate changes and updates – rapidly evolving business needs need equally rapid tools to introduce the necessary changes in already functioning applications. Low Code technology provides several ready-made tools that facilitate the work of project teams, especially when editing existing processes. There are a lot of facilitations, e.g. process monitoring, simplified life cycle, history of changes, etc.

The future is worth implementing now

Low Code platforms are more and more often recognized as the leading technology of the future. The growing trends in the popularity of using these solutions in business practice only confirm this thesis. What do you do to take advantage of Low Code opportunities in your company? It is worth starting with developing a digital strategy for the development of the company. Digital transformation introduced step by step brings with it a lot of challenges but also opportunities. Low Code applications are a compromise between cost and usability. That is why they are perfect as an element driving the digital revolution and Industry 4.0.

Quickly developing and coordinating key processes through advanced business applications is essential. The real benefit is the fact that spectacular effects can be achieved even with small batches of code. Will the Low Code platforms be effective for you? Let’s find out! Let’s talk about specific needs.

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