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9 November 2021

Creating databases and their processing is your bread and butter. Are you not afraid of new challenges in this area? Report to us!

A job offer for people who have a finger at creating application databases. The Opsenio company deals with the creation of systems supporting the management of resources owned by companies operating in various sectors. System solutions dedicated to many interesting industries, including: energy, gas, port, railway, chemical, industrial, financial and public. Projects in these industries are carried out both in Poland and abroad, so you will certainly need communication skills in Polish and English. If you can construct a compatible and concise database, please do not hesitate to contact us. Let’s talk about it!

Job: Backend Developer – who are we looking for?

We are looking for a Backend Developer to create the entire backend of programs that our clients need. Our clients are international companies, therefore we count on communication skills and personal culture. The applications that you will create are created for large corporations, so your experience in this position will certainly be useful. Join our dynamic team and work as a Backend Developer!

Opsenio – why is it worth working with us?

Are you wondering if you should start your career as a Backend Developer with Opsenio? Work that develops and provides ambitious challenges are elements of our everyday life. We provide top-class services focusing on the needs of those who have trusted us. By choosing to work at Opsenio, you will represent our values. What is especially valuable to us? Comprehensive satisfaction of customer needs, mutual assistance and logical thinking. If writing code and creating databases is at your fingertips, contact us!

Work as a Backend Developer at Opsenio – Requirements

There is no need to hide that we work with the best people. It really enjoys! Therefore, we will have a few expectations. If you feel that you do not meet one or you have a problem with it, do not be discouraged – maybe it is worth talking about it?

First of all: to work as a Backend Developer at Opsenio, you should be fluent in Spring. The main technologies you will use at work with us will be: Java, SpringBoot, SpringBoot Cloud, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Hazelcast, Openshift, Docker, Maven, git. This is what we care most about!

Second: A candidate for the position of Backend Developer should have:

  • Knowledge and operation
    • Java
  • Focus on the goal
  • Openness
  • Relationality
  • Knowledge of the English language
  • Ability to solve problems quickly
  • Proactivity

Do you care about working as a Backend Developer? Send us your CV today.

What tasks will you receive:

  • Developing and maintaining applications, systems and customer codes
  • Analyzing, programming, testing systems
  • Advising on solutions to improve the operation of systems

What salary can you count on?

Adequate to what you bring to Opsenio. We treat everyone individually and try not to use rigid pay limits.

What are we tempting the future Backend Developer with?

An atmosphere that cannot be found anywhere else. The Opsenio team is as unique as a flawlessly written IT system. Once you come to work with us and see for yourself. In addition, we offer several benefits in the form of:

  • Mulitsport card
  • Private medical care and free COVID-19 antibodies
  • English lesson
  • Coffee without tow
  • Integration events
  • Bonus programs
  • Opportunity for personal development as part of training and building real IT with us.

Don’t wait! Let’s talk about the perfect job for you!

Tomasz Srebrny Opsenio

Tomasz Srebrny

Development director

Author of the brand Opsenio. It is his responsibility to ensure that the name stands for professionalism confirmed by a team of outstanding specialists in the industry creating high-quality solutions. Aiming at high quality of the final product, it invites the best to cooperate with us. He gathered his experience with IT systems on the path from a programmer, through a consultant, to an architect. Thinks abstractly and looks for unconventional solutions, proposing innovations to our clients. If you want to join us, you will surely find him.

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