How do you apply for a job?

9 November 2021

If you would like to join the Opsenio team, do not look back at the job advertisements we publish. Certainly, our If you want to join the Opsenio team, do not look at the job advertisements that we publish. Our cooperation may certainly bring plenty of benefits. We will learn something from you and you will learn from us. Working together, we can reach further!

In order to apply for a job, send us some information about you. A good application should consist of two elements. The first of them is your CV and the second one is your cover letter. There are lots of templates on the Internet, but most of them are of poor quality, not to say – bad. Let us suggest to you how to prepare a correct job application. You may use this knowledge in any manner, however we will be glad if we receive a copy.

Curriculum Vitae

CV should be short, but as cross-sectional as possible. If you have extensive experience, choose the most important elements. Try to fit everything on one page. It will make the recruiter’s work easier, and you will be sure that nothing important will be overlooked.

If it is your first job in an IT company, do not be afraid to write about your other experience. Volunteer work, student clubs, catering, telemarketing, all of these things constitute information for the recruiter whose task to understand that they are looking just for you is not easy.
You have to help them!

The last tip on your job application. Please do not send documents in an editable format or in the form of export files from graphics software. Let’s agree that documents should be in .pdf format as this is nothing revolutionary. If you want to be innovative, you can do it in the second part.

Cover letter

Many people forget about it, but it was invented for a reason. A cover letter is something that can make us decide to call just you. Contrary to popular myth, employees of the IT sector are not robots, but people with emotions, looking for feelings and contact. When you are searching for your other half, will you invite her/him for dinner by sending your business card, or will you try to find a unique way?

Do not look for templates. Do not copy ready-made letters. You will not need writing paper, a formal document or stamps. Please do not write slogans that you are a perfect candidate for this position because you are diligent, hard-working, and even when on holiday you eat breakfast at the same time. Even if you sign it with your own blood, there is very little chance that these words will make a special impression on the recruiter.

If you cannot write letters, do not write them. The content is much more important than the form. Try to create a few sentences in which you express why you want to join the team in an honest but interesting way. You can send them by e-mail, formalised in a document, but you can also record a video. Remember that you make the first impression only once.

Tomasz Srebrny Opsenio

Tomasz Srebrny

Development director

Author of the Opsenio brand. His responsibility is to ensure that this name is backed up by professionalism in the form of outstanding specialists from the sector, creating top quality solutions. With a view to ensuring the high quality of the final product, he invites the best people to cooperate with us. He has been improving his experience in IT systems starting from the position of a programmer through a consultant and ending up with working as an architect. He is an abstract thinker and looks for unconventional solutions, proposing innovative solutions for our clients. If you want to join us, you will meet him for sure because he also oversees the recruitment processes.

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