IT Service Management (ITSM)

ITSM – appropriate support for the management of IT resources and services is of an essential value! We present solutions allowing the use of data about IT resources for more effective planning, budgeting and management of the entire IT infrastructure and applications.

IT Service Management (ITSM) – effective IT management

Efficiently functioning IT infrastructure is of a basic importance for the quality and continuity of the company’s business process. To function effectively, an IT team needs tools allowing the efficient management of the company’s IT resources. The IT Service Management (ITSM) offered by Opsenio supports the handling of key IT processes called IBM Control Desk (ICD) together with supplementary modules.

The IBM Control Desk system helps to face modern market challenges, allowing the efficient management of resources, licences, CMBD, services, agreements, service level agreements (SLA), and knowledge base. With this solution, the client also gains control over incidents, problems, service orders and changes provided by IT services. The client may quickly ensure the proper functioning of these processes and respond on an ongoing basis to all problems. The system meets all operational requirements in accordance with ITIL practices.

IT Service Management (ITSM) – benIT Service Management (ITSM) – benefits for companies

As an IBM business partner, Opsenio offers clients solutions aimed at the efficient management of IT resources. IBM Contol Desk. The basic benefit of the use of this solution is gathering and processing data about software and equipment as well as related information in the entire life cycle of the company’s IT resources. Data gathered are used for more effective planning and provision of IT services by IT departments for the business. But there is much more! The use of ITSM solutions in the enterprise limits the risk connected with a violation of licence agreements and minimises procurement and maintenance costs as a result of the analysis of data regarding agreements, licences, guarantees and other documents, which means real savings.

Problems of technical support employees who point out that they cannot report a failure quickly enough85%
Problems of the IT service centre managers who spend more than 3 days preparing monthly reports for the management61%
Problems of clients who wait for their immediate solution75%
Problems of service technicians working directly with the client, who with access to the failure history could increase the number of failures they repair by 40%50%
Problems consisting in the fact that service requests do not initially reach an appropriate person19%

Summing up, the most important purposes of using the IT Service Management (ITSM) system are:

  • management of the IT infrastructure and applications used,
  • gathering and processing of data about software and equipment as well as related information in the entire life cycle of IT resources.
  • comparing the detected infrastructure configuration with the authorised configuration (resulting e.g. from the purchasing process) – use of infrastructure detection tools (IBM Asset Dependency Manager),
  • creation of advanced relationships between the infrastructure elements and e.g. services,
  • support for purchasing management processes,
  • support for agreement management, which includes monitoring SLA times and resources covered by guarantees,
  • making it possible to order IT services through the ‘catalogue of services’,
  • support for the management of requests: incidents, service orders, problems,
  • management of work of the first and subsequent lines of support,
  • support for the service through different communications channels: website, e-mail, phone, on-site, etc.,
  • optimisation of the handling of requests through the use of the knowledge base,
  • organising the change and version management processes,
  • support for operations connected with software distribution and updates.

Tomasz Łopatka

senior consultant – EAM/ITSM Solutions

Specialist with significant experience in the scope of conducting EAM and ITSM system implementation projects. He operates in the public and commercial sectors. He develops concepts for the implementation and development of IT systems. He proposes solutions fully adjusted to clients’ needs from the technical and functional side. He ensures the efficient handling of specific business processes. During a conversation, he makes difficult technological issues clear and understandable, thanks to which he helps to meet our clients’ high requirements.

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