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Mobile apps – an example of the presence of technology in our lives. Currently, no one can imagine everyday life without constant access to products and services presented online. Consumers expect more and more. The business expects more. What if you go a step further and focus on improving the operation of large enterprises thanks to dedicated mobile apps? We are talking to Marcin Mazur, an expert in developing mobile business apps, about whether this trend is gaining popularity.

Marta Skiba: Marcin, today we will enter your world for a while. Ready for it?

  • Marcin Mazur: I’ll be happy to introduce everyone to it. The world of mobile apps continues to amaze me. The enormity of possibilities that technology offers us makes it impossible to get bored here. One thing is certain: mobile apps have taken modern times by storm and will not disappear soon.

Marta Skiba: exactly, where does the popularity of mobile apps come from? After all, we have access to information online on every phone. And we don’t have to install anything…

  • Marcin Mazur: mobile apps are convenient because they collect the necessary information for everyone in one place. They have interesting graphic designs, they are extremely intuitive, and they send us automatic notifications. It’s incredibly useful. And quick. In practice, these two features have guaranteed such great popularity of mobile solutions. As customers, we expect needs to be met quickly, without unnecessary distractions.

Marta Skiba: as customers, yes, but does the business have a chance to take advantage of this potential? Especially a company that doesn’t focus on a single consumer??

  • Marcin Mazur: you can’t even imagine how much! And do you know why? Because in practice, every business is based on people: customers, employees, and decision-making staff. There are specific people behind each company. And each of them expects the same: quick access to the information they need and ease of use. When we talk about enterprise-class mobile applications, we mean not only excellent tools for conducting activities aimed at customers but also those that improve the functioning of internal processes. This is where the attention of companies is increasingly focused.

Marta Skiba: the functioning of internal processes … or what exactly can mobile applications improve? We like examples the most.

  • Marcin Mazur: I agree, it’s best to use the specifics. And even better those that came from under our wings. Mobile apps are perfect for warehouses and tool rooms. We created such a solution for one of the largest container ports. The mobile app for the tool room streamlines the process of servicing, controlling inventory, and ordering tools. Everything is available from the phone, which everyone always has with them.

Marta Skiba: improving the performance of individual departments in the company sounds interesting. We probably don’t stop there.

  • Marcin Mazur: business must be flexible, just like software adapted to constantly changing needs. To ensure an efficient division of tasks and effective control over employees, we have introduced a mobile application that is a manager’s and foreman’s diary. People in the decision-making position receive real-time information about available employees, and tasks that everyone has been working on or is currently working on. In this way, you can not only efficiently delegate work to office employees but also production employees or service technicians working in the field. Advanced analytical tools take care of the analysis of conducted activities, thus supporting decision-making processes in enterprises. The possibilities for using this solution are endless.

Marta Skiba: sounds like a well-functioning, universal solution.

  • Marcin Mazur: all mobile apps that we create are based on the specific needs of a specific enterprise. You rightly notice that our solutions are universal because they can be implemented in virtually every sector of the economy. However, individual needs always come first for us. That is why the application equipped with several analytical functionalities will be useful only when someone needs to act on advanced data. It is worth focusing on creating only such functionalities that will efficiently translate into the implementation of specific goals of the company. As these needs grow, we are expanding the mobile app. This is an efficient and cost-effective approach.

Marta Skiba: so it can be said that mobile apps grow together with a specific business?

  • Marcin Mazur:  of course. Let me use an example again. For years, we have been carrying out activities for the financial sector. It all started with the optimization and standardization of processes related to the integration of the bank with Credit Information Bureau systems. For the same client, we created systems to improve complaint handling, and correspondence flow and increase the efficiency of operational activities. The mobile app has become a natural direction of development. The main goal of this project is to create personalized offers for customers. The app checks many factors in real-time and combines them in such a way that a person meeting specific criteria receives automatic notifications about offers that can be used. This level of personalization translates into tangible profits for both customers and the bank.

Marta Skiba: so you create solutions that always benefit all parties involved…

  • Marcin Mazur: great summary of my team’s activities. Sometimes our applications concern the optimization of processes between the company and individual customers, as in the example above. Other times, mobile applications streamline processes critical for enterprises. We implemented a project for the energy sector, which concerned the improvement of the activities of field employees. Service technicians received a practical tool for reporting work and ordering parts. All data is updated here in real-time. An employee in the field always has access to the history of the services provided. And all this on phone, available at your fingertips.

Marta Skiba: as I understand it, you conduct all these activities for clients from Poland?

  • Marcin Mazur: we try to support the domestic market very much, but we value the opportunity to exchange experiences with foreign clients. This approach has resulted in, for example, the creation of a mobile application to manage the asset register for the brand, which provides innovative consulting and mobile services for enterprises. There are a lot of such examples of the use of our business solutions. However, there is always one common element: an individual approach.

Marta Skiba: this is a very good summary of our conversation. Thank you for all the examples and I hope to hear in the next material soon!

  • Marcin Mazur: Thanks! I will be happy to tell you more than once about mobile apps. Examples of implemented projects, and interesting functionalities – this world surprises and fascinates. I invite you to discover this business potential together.

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