HCL BigFix – implementation of computer, server and mobile management solutions


The unique collaboration between Opsenio and HCL continues! The collaboration made it possible to add the BigFix solution to our offer, which significantly extends the scope of possibilities of supporting customers in the ITSM area We offer a comprehensive and effective tool to manage endpoints (desktop computers, laptops, servers, mobile devices). Chcesz wiedzieć więcej?Want to know more? Keep on reading!

Why do you need BigFix in your business?

The main argument for choosing BigFix is its versatility. The tool integrates effectively into any operating system. This is extremely important especially for mobile devices. Microsoft, Windows, UNIX, Linux and Mac – BigFix will work seamlessly on all of them! It is worth emphasising that BigFix has very low hardware requirements – even in large environments.

What problems does BigFix solve?

Many companies do not realise how much of an improvement implementing BigFix is. What specific problems does it eliminate? Let us answer:

  • Detecting devices in the network – you know which devices are active, you can efficiently assign permissions to them, allocate transfers or block access to specific websites;
  • Hardware and software inventory – giving you reliable knowledge of what software is installed on a particular device How does this help? You can manage operating costs sensibly and control the legality of the software you use;
  • Installation of operating systems and remote software distribution – with BigFix you are able to automate the work of installing software and making changes. All activities can be carried out remotely;
  •  Software usage analysis – letting you know exactly what programs are installed on employees’ devices. This avoids the hassle of using illegal applications (very often downloaded unknowingly);
  •  Patch management – BigFix ensures compatibility for operating system patches and updates – no need to remember!
  • Configuration management for security and compliance – BigFix will identify key security vulnerabilities on every device in your organisation and fix them effectively;
  •  Vulnerability management – BigFix identifies vulnerabilities and security risks associated with potential future hacker attacks;
  • Power usage management – a feature particularly useful in larger companies, where BigFix ensures that computers and mobile devices are only running when employees are actually using them. In the case of just a few computers on a network, the savings achieved in this way are small. But what about large companies that use more devices every day? Yes! This is where BigFix generates a huge financial return and is also definitely part of the trend of being environmentally friendly.
Opsenio: oprogramowanie dedykowane

Why implement BigFix with Opsenio?

We guarantee fast implementation times and the highest quality of service.

Why do these things matter?

Short project completion times guarantee a quicker return on investment. An additional advantage is the high efficiency of installing system and application patches What type of effectiveness are we referring to? As much as 95% or more in the first run!

And let’s not forget the support for multiple system platforms and the previously mentioned additional functionality (such as power management). All of these elements are a real strength of BigFix.

The Opsenio team provides professional support and assistance not only during implementation, but also during the subsequent use of the platform. We provide a detailed cost estimate with no hidden costs, ensure that the quality of the system is maintained, and provide advice and suggestions – we’re happy to help at any stage. What’s more, at Opsenio we present specific solutions that actually work and are effective.

Contact our specialists to learn more about our offer. Consultations are free, so even if you’re still unsure about choosing Opsenio, let our experts inspire you. An individual discussion will allow us to best identify the needs of your business and, as a result, propose the most appropriate and effective solutions.

As a BigFix implementer, Opsenio offers fast implementation of the platform while maintaining high quality operations. See it for yourself!

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