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CSIRE is a system described as one of the biggest challenges for the energy sector. what’s the point?

The act amending the Energy Law and some other acts, introduced on May 20, 2021, provides for the construction and launch of the Central Energy Market Information System (CSIRE). This system will process key information for the energy market.

Based on these guidelines, a detailed system implementation plan was established. The deadlines necessary to prepare for connection to this system were also indicated. Several own activities to which energy companies are obliged to include, for example, the preparation of systems enabling not only the efficient collection of the necessary data but also the creation of an infrastructure enabling their exchange with CSIRE.

CSIRE terms

Both electricity sellers and distributors must achieve the status of readiness for connection to the Central Energy Market Information System (CSIRE) by 2024. Consequently, they should maintain the standards of efficient exchange of huge amounts of data. For this purpose, it is planned to implement an intermediary layer in communication: the integration component. All this is to enable the exchange of data between often different systems. On the one hand, we have CSIRE standards, and on the other, domain-specific systems of a specific enterprise. Improvement on this line is the basis for the effective operation of the entire project.

What’s all this for?

The requirement of modern times is progressive digitization. The CSIRE system is created in response to the growing need for monitoring and controlling processes, both those related to customer service and comprehensive management of measurement data. Introducing large-scale improvements is the overarching goal of all upgrades. The energy sector is therefore focusing its attention on the creation of smart meters and grids. Quick access to data on energy consumption will thus become possible for all customers: individuals and businesses.

What data will be processed in CSIRE?

Information is necessary for the effective implementation of energy market processes and those that are at the center of interest of users. In particular, we are talking about:

1.Configuration data:

  • concerning the characteristics of energy intake points and measurement points,
  • concerning the energy market (including entities participating in dree),

2.Information on contractual relations between KSE users and suppliers/DSOs

3.Information on contractual relations between retail energy market networks (e.g. GUDk)

4.Measurement data, mainly:

  • daily profiles of consumption/delivery of electricity from the network,
  • power quality indicators,

5.Statistics on the functioning of CSIRE and the entire retail energy market, etc.

Basic CSIRE functionalities

The communication scheme between the individual elements of the CSIRE system is transparent and consists of the following:

1.Relationship Register

2.Register of Professional Users

3.Register of PP connections

4.PP Register

5.Measurement Data Repository

6.GUD-k billing information repository

7.Applications for:

  • authorization management
  • access management
  • message archive
  • API services


  • Reporting
  • Business Process Management (BPM)


  • Professional User
  • KSE User
  • Institutional
  • Informative CSIRE[1]

Source: own graphic interpretation based on PSE: L. Winiarski  OIRE i CSIRE – rola, zadania, wdrożenie, Warsztaty URE z OSD | 24 września 2021 r.

Key assumptions of integration with CSIRE

Control over the extensive scope of data exchange is one of the biggest challenges for implementers. Systems that will integrate directly with CSIRE must take into account these requirements. We can imagine a plethora of messages coming in from smart meter data. To this should be added full scalability and intuitive operation – so that each user can easily navigate the system. Professional integration tools are therefore the basis for the effective implementation of CSIRE assumptions.

We must not forget about the control mechanisms and full audibility of all data. This is another challenge that a dedicated system should overcome. The advantage of this solution also lies in the fact that it will be equipped with only the necessary functionalities and fully adapted to the individual needs of each company in the energy sector. This solution fits perfectly into the convention of maintaining integrity with the general CSIRE system. At the same time, maintains the standards of existing IT tools used by enterprises. Dedicated components will enable efficient data exchange by converting incoming information and sending it in the form required by the Central Energy Market Information System.

Professional preparation of enterprises from the energy sector to the requirements set by CSIRE is currently one of the critical activities. In practice, with such a large variety of systems used in individual enterprises, it is impossible to talk about a universal solution available to everyone. Investing in a personalized system is a necessity but also an opportunity to improve operations in the company. Functionalities selected strictly for individual needs are an additional opportunity to develop a competitive advantage.

CSIRE support offered by Opsenio

The experience in the energy sector developed during the implementation of numerous projects makes Opsenio an implementer you can rely on. Understanding public procedures greatly facilitates cooperation, and technological competencies guarantee the selection of optimal tools for the effective implementation of activities. Effective support of the energy market is possible thanks to a specialized Team:

  • project managers who understand the procedures and realities specific to the energy sector,
  • architects and designers experienced in implementing solutions based on technologies sought after by the energy sector,
  • developers familiar with leading technologies, with experience in implementing numerous projects for this industry,
  • testers who understand the entire energy business and the required technologies.

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