Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

IBM Maximo Asset Management is the management of the company’s assets at a higher level! The proposed solution is versatile, modular and aimed at the management of processes connected with the maintenance and servicing of modern companies’ resources.

IBM Maximo Asset Management – useful technology

IBM Maximo Asset Management allows the effective management of the asset portfolio, agreements, maintenance and servicing processes, warehouse management and purchases. All that in order to optimise the way in which the company’s resources are used and to increase its efficiency and performance. Our technology is a professional support tool in planning budgets, investments, renovations, inspections and maintenance. Using this solution, it is very easy to control the progress in the implementation of planned actions and to immediately respond to failures. Extensive analytical and reporting tools allow efficient settlement of activities performed as well as taking proactive measures. On the basis of the data gathered, the system is able to support the employee in making maintenance decisions. All described benefits can be used to:

  • manage asset items (e.g. machines);
  • manage asset lines (e.g. transmission lines).

Moreover, IBM Maximo Asset Management uses mobile applications to improve the management of assets located in different places.

Due to the integration with GIS systems (e.g. ESRI systems), IBM Maximo Asset Management provides a graphical presentation of the location of devices, teams and aspects concerning work orders on maps. The proposed solution also cooperates with automation systems (SCADA) in the scope of measurements and client contact technologies such as Call/Contact Center, and CRM. IBM Maximo Asset Management is a tool which supports the work of operation maintenance services and the service centre, and integrates with ERP systems (e.g. with SAP) in the area of costs, HR, warehouse, etc. Most importantly, IBM Maximo Asset Management is not typical accounting software and, as a consequence, the employee that handles it does not need to have knowledge from the scope of finances. Their task is only to perform work in the field in which they specialise.

‘Maximo’ is a ‘client-server’ technology facilitating the development and integration with other systems. (contractor to be removed) IBM Maximo Asset Management operates through a web browser and its interface is available in several languages. It facilitates and improves the comfort of using the software.

Janusz Cichowski

Senior consultant – EAM/ITSM Solutions

He makes sure that the planned investment brings business benefits not only at the time of the decision on its launching, but also in the long-term perspective of the development of the client’s company. He always takes into account the business environment. Thanks to his inquiring mind, the products that we offer are ideally suited to specific realities of each sector. For years, he has been sharing his experience, proposing solutions, designing effective processes and building highly efficient IT systems.

Łukasz Brewczyński

Project manager

He coordinates the implementation of projects, focussing the team’s attention on the most important aspects. He is one of those people who changes problems into challenges. Specialist with many years of experience, who knows the software life cycle inside out. He has extensive experience in the areas of business analysis, requirement engineering and solution designing. He takes care of the proper implementation of systems developed for clients from Poland and abroad. Cutting. His knowledge and skills constitute a guarantee for the success of processes implemented.

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IBM Maximo Asset Management – benefits for companies

As an IBM business partner, Opsenio offers clients the Maximo’ system together with supplementary modules. It supports all types of resource management processes: the change consists in the fact that everything that has been replaced is from the pause
• production resources (e.g. installations, devices, machines);
• specialist resources (e.g. laboratory resources);
• transmission resources (e.g. electric power networks, water supply systems, gas pipelines);
• infrastructural resources (e.g. data centres, airports, shipyards, ports, seaport terminals);
• transport and information resources – at the scale of the entire enterprise.

The effective management of assets with the use (cutting here) of IBM Maximo Asset Management may bring tangible and measurable benefits. Due to the EAM systems, it is possible to save approx. 15–30% of the MRO budget (MRO – Maintenance, Repair, Operations), which constitutes approx. 40% of expenses planned for purchases in the company.

knowledge of own resources, which means their better management;increase in the use of human resources by 10–20%;
effective planning and management of the team of employees;increase in the use of assets (including e.g. fleet, tools, infrastructure) by 3–5%;
effective planning and management of the team of employees;reduction in MRO expenses by approx. 17%;
reduction in time of failure handling;reduction in system downtime by approx. 20%;
better control of costs at the operational level; increase in the efficiency of enforcement of guarantees by 10–50%, reduction in warehouse stocks by 20–30%;
effective management of warehouses; decrease in the number of purchases by 3–5%; reduction in logistics costs by 5–20%; reduction in material costs by 5–10%;
effective management of agreements; reduction in the number of external orders by 10–50%.

IBM Maximo Asset Management is the top solution which may be adjusted to the client’s individual needs. The developed technology is able to integrate with different systems, e.g. SCADA, GIS, ERP, BI, EOD, etc. and to change the user interface design, data scope, process course, activity automation, analyses and reports.

IBM Maximo Asset Management is versatile, so it can be used in enterprises of different types. The introduction of appropriate modifications allows the client to give the technology an individual character adjusted their needs. The IBM Maximo Asset Management system fulfils strict international safety standards. Moreover the technology, which for almost 30 years has been continuously developed, meets the clients’ constantly changing needs.