Dedicated software

Dedicated software – a simple way to effective sales and efficient company management! From now on, the specialised IT system works exactly as you need. Full personalisation and usability comfort in one!

Your goal – Our technology

Achieving specific business goals requires creating flexible and fully personalised solutions. Dedicated software is a “tailor-made” IT system, according to the personalised needs of a specific entity. The tool created from scratch allows us to implement functionalities that will bring you real benefits. Designing and implementing systems dedicated to partners is one of the most pleasant activities in IT, because it allows our knowledge, experience and creativity to be directly confronted with the needs of our clients. We take care of the project, starting from the analysis, design, implementation, testing phase, up to the implementation and maintenance of the system. To date, our dedicated software has been generating profits for companies from the utilities and financial sectors.

We understand the importance of the right choice of IT tools. Therefore, we implement our dedicated software only based on proven technologies. The starting point for creating a personalised system is to gather information on the specifics of the company’s activity, chosen directions for development and individual expectations. For this purpose, we use a set of techniques and concepts (called Domain Driven Design, or DDD) to design complex business models. Based in them, we recommend optimal functionalities that will allow you to achieve the established business goals. During development works, we constantly maintain the high quality of the software by using the methods of test/behaviour driven development (TDD / BDD). We select appropriate tools for each problem group. We are familiar with a wide range of technologies, therefore we can provide services based on proven solutions. Thanks to this, we guarantee the right choice and success of the created systems.

Dedicated software – benefits

We help our clients to choose the appropriate architecture of the dedicated software. We create solutions using the modular monolith architecture and microservices. According to the division of dedicated software into three separate layers (three-tier architecture), our team consists of experts in the fields of:

  • Frontend – the presentation layer
  • Backend – the application’s business logic layer
  • Databases

supported by architects, analysts and testers. As our client, you can be sure that each element of the developed dedicated software will be created based on the knowledge and experience of the entire team of specialists.

We implement projects using agile and cascading methodologies, depending on the project and client preferences. However, in terms of software development, we prefer the agile approach. Thanks to this, the client gains control over the system functions which are developed in stages. The economic aspect is equally important. We are well aware that the implementation of dedicated software is an investment that must bring return. The success of the implementation is measured by the achievement of the business goals set by the client.

Filip Dziedzic

Delivery director

An expert with many years of experience in creating, implementing and integrating IT systems and dedicated applications. He gained competences during the implementation of many projects at the executive and managerial level. He is aware of the importance of efficient implementation and selection of optimal technologies for meeting the most complex requirements and the resulting final client satisfaction. Therefore, he is in charge of the execution of projects and he takes care of the high quality and professionalism of our services.

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Things to remember

Dedicated software allows you to gain a technological advantage thanks to the implementation of solutions unavailable to competitors.

Dedicated software – benefits for the company Dedicated software user benefits
Implementation of a strategy of IT systems development in the organisation, gaining full control and the possibility of software development in the chosen direction Easy and intuitive use of the system
Increasing competitiveness and flexibilityFaster execution of tasks, faster and more precise decision-making
Automation and optimisation of business processes in the companyAccess to new, necessary functions that could not be achieved before
Using the know-how of an IT company to achieve own business goalsPossibility to design improvements and new functions and to transfer them to the roadmap of the system for implementation
Possibility to reduce the costs of maintenance/licensing of IT systems (use of open-source components, replacement of more expensive systems) Possibility of constant access to the data necessary for the performance of daily duties
Creating new opportunities for the development of IT systems in the organisationModern support of working time management
Possibility to sell licenses to the created system (return on investment and possible profit generation) Increasing the productivity and efficiency of employees/departments of the company
Ergonomics adapted to the expectations/habits of users and thus easier use of the system, faster entry of users into the solution, shorter learning processShorter learning process
Functionalities tailored to the needs – there is no need to adapt to the solution – the tool is tailored to the needs/ideas of users. Thanks to this, it is easier to stand out on the market, keep your identity, and have access to functionalities that are really necessary The scope of information and its presentation tailored to the needs of the recipient Elimination of the effect of an excess of unreadable information (“information storm”)
Greater influence on the creation of IT architecture according to your own needs and guidelinesAddressing non-standard needs that cannot be met by other systems
Possibility to create an architecture with reusable services deployed in various, independent processes Greater flexibility in the face of changing needs and trends

Experience in the implementation of IT projects in various industries helps us to understand the needs of our clients and to safely implement complex projects covering all areas of the company’s operations. The dedicated software created by Opsenio are solutions that flexibly combine client needs with the optimal use of IT resources in the service of business. Good communication between the development team and the client is the key to effective dedicated software development. The exchange of knowledge and continuous cooperation bring the synergy effect – they expand competences and allow “impossible” solutions to be built.

Opsenio’s offer includes dedicated software built in a comprehensive manner:

Examples of technologies used to build dedicated software: