Dedicated software for BIK integration


Financial institutions are currently focusing on the optimal security of data and prevention of fraud. For this purpose, banks integrate their own systems with BIK. Thanks to the dedicated software, the entire process is optimized and the financial institution is sure that all inquiries about the credit history of consumers will be carried out efficiently and without obstacles. The Credit Information Bureau is currently updating the standards of communication with banks. It is worth using this period to ensure optimal data flow.

Dedicated software and integration with BIK – it’s worth knowing

The offer of systems dedicated to banks is quite well developed. Starting from the effective management of the correspondence flow, through advanced systems for optimizing the complaint handling process, to special applications for creating personalized offers for customers. The software dedicated to BIK integration is a special challenge in this field. Due to the fact that BIK cooperates not only with commercial but also cooperative banks (including cooperative savings banks), all these institutions should adapt to the new communication standards as soon as possible. Especially that the dedicated software integrated with BIK allows:

  • manage the credit risk
  • monitor customer debt history
  • protect against fraudulent loans

The Credit Information Bureau operates on the basis of reciprocity: the data is made available to those institutions that themselves enable the use of their own information in this way.

Undoubtedly, in the era of increased risk of illegal data interception and the development of cybercrime, ensuring correct communication between banks and BIK is essential.

Integration of the bank’s systems with BIK

The software dedicated to integration with BIK as the primary goal implements the assumptions of improving the exchange of data on financial risk. A system tailored to each bank will allow not only to efficiently integrate this information. The key to success and ensuring efficient handling of notifications is the use of this data in the bank’s internal processes. This is how you can increase the efficiency of managing the entire loan granting process – and this is a great support!

Dedicated software for integration with BIK allows you to obtain data on the situation of two customer segments:

  • individual (natural persons)
  • business (enterprises, including farmers)

Software dedicated to communication with BIK

This type of dedicated system is considered critical for any bank. A guarantee of its smooth operation is required 24/7/365. That is why it is so important to choose an experienced contractor who will be able to design, implement and maintain the whole at the highest level. In order for this type of software to work in practice, we use technologies on an Enterprise scale. Talking about:

  • combining several independent applications
  • their correct implementation on the server
  • ensuring an efficient communication layer with BIK and the bank’s internal systems (use of proven queuing systems)
  • securing the data layer (database cluster)
  • redundancy on each layer

The combination of all the above-mentioned elements and business knowledge allows us to create completely maintenance-free systems.

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Dedicated software Integration with BIK

It is also worth defining business rules that will precisely define what type of report can be a replacement for which – this functionality gives a lot of possibilities for the bank. In order for data to be downloaded, a dedicated BIK format should be automatically translated, e.g. into XML. The intuitive system enriched with administrative messages provides invaluable support in the day-to-day activities of the bank’s employees. System prompts not only facilitate current activities, but also support the timely execution of all queries.

Dedicated systems implemented by us:

  • carry out the processes of receiving inquiries from the banking system and providing answers from the system’s database
  • optimize the processes of generating requests to BIK
  • they improve the process of receiving responses from BIK and generating responses to banking systems
  •  they implement the process of exchanging administrative messages with BIK

Software dedicated to BIK integration – anti-fraud functionality

The prevention of frauds is currently one of the priorities of BIK and all banks. Thanks to the anti-fraud functionality, the bank gains the ability to efficiently capture information about possible fraudulent loans. An additional advantage is the automatic prompts generated by the system. All this to effectively protect customers and limit potential risk.

Why is it worth it? According to the platform, thanks to the operation of the Anti-Fraud Platform, BIK managed to keep 24,000 in the period from May 2021 to April 2022. funding applications. These requests were marked in the system as attempts to extort or abuse. The amount of possible frauds seems equally impressive: 103.3 million PLN.

The data presented above confirm how effective the anti-fraud platform is. Individual institutions must prepare themselves appropriately for the implementation of such solutions for the entire banking sector. Especially that the method of communication with BIK is currently being updated. It is worth taking advantage of the new realities to optimize the bank’s work and increase customer protection.

 Software developed in Opsenio – numbers as the best references

Creating software dedicated to integration with BIK is an important element of Opsenio’s activity. In our design work, we focus on eliminating current and preventing future problems. Business knowledge juxtaposed with practical actions is our main asset in this case. How does our system currently work for one of the clients? Numbers are our strength, so:

  •  over 20 – supported by the BIK report system – NOTE: each of them takes the form of several dozen variants!
  • over 1000/h – this is the number of queries our system handles at peak times
  • thousands – queries that Opsenio dedicated software handles every day