Custom-made software – a simple way to efficiently manage your business


Custom-made software has indeed become true modern business support today. There is no need to convince anyone that systems, tailored to the individual needs of customers, work very well in practice. However, we know from experience that there are just as many concerns about it. It is for this reason that this text was written. Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions: be it in e-mail correspondence or during initial discussions with customers.

Custom-made software: Your goal – Our technology

Achieving specific business goals requires creating flexible and fully personalized solutions. Dedicated software is a “tailor-made” IT system, according to the personalized needs of a specific entity. The system created from scratch allows you to implement functionalities that will bring real benefits. Designing and implementing systems dedicated to partners is one of the most pleasant activities in IT. It allows us to directly confront our knowledge, experience and creativity with the needs of our clients. We take care of the project, starting from the analysis, design, implementation, testing phase, up to the implementation and maintenance of the system. Until now, our custom-made software generates profits for companies from the pharmaceutical, utilities and financial sectors.

Can we give you specific examples of how our custome-made software works for clients?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. Yes of course. You can check our references to confirm which brands we work with. Very often the systems we create are intended for the internal use of a specific brand. We are talking about software that generates comprehensive analytical reports based on complex data. These are systems that improve document flow and internal processes. Such solutions cannot be presented to other clients in the industry. We are bound by confidentiality.

However, we try to act transparently, which is why we very often present a detailed concept of a new system’s operation at a meeting with a new company. We not only create professional mock-ups, but also combine the individual functionalities of the future system into one whole. All this to show the whole philosophy that will be governed by the new system. Full personalization is our strength.

How do we know that the software dedicated to a given brand will work in practice?

With a lot of experience in implementing Enterprise scale projects, we have already worked through various project paths. A team of specialists working on one project has experience in the industry in which the customer operates. Thanks to this, we are able to eliminate many potential threats from the very beginning. That’s not enough! Our work style is based on a thorough verification not only of the client’s needs, but also of the observation of the existing internal processes. The context related to the operation of the entire sector of the economy is equally important. We know which best practices to use to:

How we work?

At Opsenio, we understand the importance of choosing the right IT tools. That is why we implement dedicated software only based on proven technologies. The starting point for creating a personalized system is getting to know the specificity of the company’s work, the chosen development directions and individual expectations. To achieve these goals, we use a set of techniques and concepts (called Domain Driven Design, or DDD for short). All to design complex business models. Only on this basis, we recommend optimal functionalities that will allow you to effectively achieve the set business goals.

During development works, we maintain the high quality of the software on an ongoing basis, using the following testing methods: test / behavior driven development (in short: TDD / BDD). For each problem class, we select the appropriate tools. We know a wide range of technologies, which is why we can provide services based on proven solutions. Thanks to this, we guarantee the right choice and success of the systems we create.

Let’s talk about details – what have we already done?

Software that improves the work of a container terminal? Yes, we did it!

Our support concerned increasing the efficiency of processes related to:

  • property management
  • work reviews and planning
  • failure handling
  • execution and settlement of works
  • warehouse and tool management
  • framework contracts and guarantees
  • shopping
  • qualifications and training

Below are the test data from the system panel – resource management:

Custom-made software – benefits

We help our clients in choosing the appropriate architecture of the created dedicated software. We create solutions using the modular monolith architecture and microservices. According to the division of the dedicated software into three separate elements (three-tier architecture), our team consists of experts in the field of:

  • frontend – that is, the presentation layer
  • backend – that is the application’s business logic layer
  • databases

In addition, these specialists are supported by architects, analysts, and testers. As our client, you can be sure that each element of the developed dedicated software will be created based on the knowledge and experience of the entire team.

Does it really pay off? A few words about ROI

We carry out projects using agile and cascade methodologies. Depending on the project and customer preferences, we focus more on agility when it comes to creating dedicated software. Thanks to this, the client gains control over the system functions which are developed in stages. The economic aspect is equally important. We are well aware of the fact that implementing dedicated software is an investment that must bring a return. Only the achievement of the business goals set by the customer determines the success of the implementation.

Speaking of finances: custom-made software does not incur license fees. On the other hand, the production costs are related only to the used and needed system components. Since the system is “tailor-made” for a specific organization, the brand gains greater flexibility. In the case of ready-made solutions, the company has to adapt to the possibilities of the chosen solution – not the other way around.

There is only one answer to the question whether it pays off: it all depends on the scale of needs and the number of system users. In the case of small organizations, it takes a long time to return on such an investment. Enterprise scale brands need solutions that realistically fit their needs. Especially that hundreds of users use IT systems on a daily basis there. In the case of such clients, ROI is visible much faster. As time goes on and the system itself grows, it generates a greater return on investment. This is especially noticeable when comparing dedicated software with the popular SaaS model, which is illustrated in the chart below:

Product design – is it worth it?

Source: own study based on data from Further Digital Solutions


Our experience in implementing IT projects in various industries helps us to understand well the needs of our clients and to safely implement complex projects covering all areas of the company’s operations. Dedicated software created in Opsenio are solutions that flexibly combine customer needs with the optimal use of IT resources in the service of business. Good communication between the development team and the client is the key to effective creation of dedicated software. The exchange of knowledge and continuous cooperation bring the synergy effect – they expand the competences and allow to build “impossible” solutions.

Opsenio’s offer includes dedicated software built in a comprehensive manner:

  • taking into account the system’s physical infrastructure (servers, systems, virtualization, containerization)
  • selecting the appropriate database and designing the data scheme
  • by implementing the business logic layer – backend
  • integrating with other systems
  • designing the UX / UI layer so that the user intuitively navigated the system
  • by implementing the whole thing using the frontend layer

If you see any problems in the operation of your company, please contact us. We will talk about how to adjust the software dedicated to your needs.