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The market of dedicated software is more and more appreciated by entrepreneurs every year. A system tailored to the needs drives brand growth, automates business processes, improves decision-making processes and facilitates the activities of field employees. These are just examples of advantages whose role in increasing the profitability of enterprises is huge. So we start the new year with predictions – software dedicated to business: trends 2023. Let’s get to know them:

1.  Increasing the use of cloud infrastructure and opportunities that are associated with the cloud

We have written many times about the advantages of using the cloud. The most important elements that are worth paying attention to are:

  • the fact that the modern cloud is not only infrastructure but, above all, opportunities. Read our interview on this topic published in Forbes.  
  • the certainty that as a customer you have the right to expect much more from the cloud than just storage space. Read about the benefits of using IBM Cloud for business.

The spreading idea of modernizing IT infrastructure in enterprises is constantly growing and will continue to grow in 2023. All due to seeing this as an opportunity to minimize risk while optimizing costs. Perfect duet, right? Everyone who regularly follows our considerations on the blog knows that in practice there is no such thing as a perfectly matched product, ready and immediately available on the market. However, the potential of the cloud allows you to reach for software elements that are really needed by a given company and use them for improvements. Interesting? Equally interesting are the forecasts of Gartner analysts regarding trends in 2023:

It is also worth noting that the growing interest in the cloud is associated with the popularization of remote and hybrid work. These trends have permanently entered our reality and there is no indication that the attitude of employees and employers will change in this regard. Thus, the cloud guarantees constant access to the necessary data that facilitates the activities of employees in every location.

2. Cybersecurity in the focus of entrepreneurs and software developers

A very strong trend in 2023 visible in the development of software dedicated to business is ensuring security [1]. It is impossible not to notice the constantly growing threat from cybercriminals, who in practice have at their disposal the same modern IT tools as software developers. You can read more about it here. It is worth emphasizing the importance of artificial intelligence (AI) in creating advanced algorithms that help to effectively detect and combat any attack attempts. Therefore, business must be resistant to these threats, but at the same time it should use effective mechanisms to share data with employees. Dedicated software tailored to individual needs greatly facilitates the implementation of both postulates.

Software and security vendors are already adopting a Zero Trust policy to build identity and context based trust. Gartner predicts that by 2025 as many as 60% of organizations will adopt this principle as the key to ensuring security[1]. Cybersecurity will continue to play a key role in the development of dedicated software and can be safely considered one of the leading trends of 2023.

3. The use of artificial intelligence as a leading trend in the development of dedicated software in 2023

It is clear that AI technology is gaining more and more supporters. Why? The potential of artificial intelligence (AI) is visible primarily in the optimization of the work of enterprises that have already started to use it. We are talking about reducing costs, increasing efficiency or optimizing predictive mechanisms. You can find more about it here. Increasing the efficiency of enterprises from every sector, not only manufacturing, is a strong trend in 2023. You can already see how well this potential works in banking, customer service and even in healthcare. Expansion to all sectors of the economy is a matter of time and certainly one of the strongest trends in 2023.

4. Constant development of the Internet of Things (IoT)

Gartner analysts emphasize that IoT is now not just an ordinary technological initiative. Enterprises that use this technology at least to a minimal extent understand its importance in achieving business goals. These mechanisms are no longer used only to improve internal operational capacity. The perspective is much wider. IT software developers and enterprise decision makers must work together to ensure that IoT projects are constantly aligned to meet short and long-term business goals. Generating more revenue, quick return on investment and increasing the quality of customer service are the basic postulates that can be efficiently implemented thanks to IoT.

5. The need for efficient real-time data analysis

The first stage of digitization of enterprises is to provide resources, tools and systems that will enable effective data collection. Fortunately, a huge number of companies have already modernized their plants in this way. The problem that is currently growing is the support in making effective business decisions, supported by this data. Considering how much information flows through various channels every day, a person begins to have great difficulties in selecting them. This work requires time, which is currently one of the most scarce commodities. One of the dominant trends in 2023 in the development of dedicated software will be the creation of mechanisms integrated with current enterprise systems that will enable such analysis of large data sets. And it’s in real time. If you are interested in this topic, I invite you to my interview, which you can find here.

6. The popularity of microservices architecture

The year 2023 in the context of dedicated software will undoubtedly be associated with microservice architecture. Simplifying the very process of implementing new applications to a minimum and wide scaling possibilities are two features that strongly support the use of microservices. Fast implementation of business goals, especially for large companies, is essential. The sooner the mobile application starts working, the faster it will achieve its goals and ensure a return on investment. For more information, see text about Enterprise-class microservices. It is worth realizing, that the prevailing trends should always be juxtaposed with the real needs and capabilities of each enterprise. Sometimes monolithic architecture may be a better idea. What cases are we talking about? Read the details here. The role of a good implementer is to indicate the approach that will work best in a particular company. Only in this way can we talk about creating useful dedicated software.

To sum up, it is worth emphasizing that modern IT technology opens up an extraordinary opportunity for enterprises to achieve business goals and to build a technological advantage in a reasonable way. It is under the sign of these two elements that the entire software market will develop in 2023. Usability and the highest quality are no longer just catchy marketing slogans. Implementers are rightly expected to do more and more, and an experienced team of IT specialists is now a guarantee of achieving customer-satisfactory results and quick implementation of the necessary dedicated software.

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