18 November 2021

Opsenio Sp. z o.o. will join the Vetasi Group, which means that both companies have established strategic cooperation formalised through a direct investment in the purchase of shares. Opsenio Sp. z o.o. remains an independent company with its own development strategy. Opsenio Sp. z o.o. remains an independent company with its own development strategy.

‘I am happy that we have established formal cooperation with Opsenio, who we have been working with for one and a half years on the implementation of joint projects, and we greatly appreciate the high professionalism of the entire team. Currently, we can achieve even more through the synergy between our two companies’, says Jarosław Łukasiewicz, President of Vetasi Sp. z o.o. and new shareholder of Opsenio Sp. o.o.

The purpose of the cooperation is the expansion of Opsenio’s activities to other areas / technologies and the development of new products of the Vetasi Group built together.

‘Our cooperation with Vetasi offers both parties the opportunity to develop new products and services, and to introduce them on international market together. We are already developing new solutions and technologies such as dedicated mobile solutions for Maximo based on the Android and WebSphere operating systems. We are happy that we will have the possibility to introduce them on the Polish and foreign market’, says Jakub Rumian, President of the Management Board and co-founder of Opsenio Sp. z o.o.

VETASI Group – a consulting company with offices in Great Britain, space South Africa, Poland, Spain, and Australia, focussing on IBM’s EAM/ISM solutions.

Jakub Rumian

Managing Director

Experienced practitioner with comprehensive knowledge of advanced EAM and ITSM solutions and realisation of IT projects. He plans strategies, indicates the right directions and supervises the organisation’s operations. He is one of the people through whom Opsenio supports the development of clients’ businesses all over the world. He is an extraordinarily meticulous manager with endless amounts of energy. Whenever you visit our stand at the fairs, you can be sure that he is somewhere near.

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