Mobile apps – solution tailored to the modern age


Mobile apps – create with us dedicated mobile applications that will improve the management of your business! Goal analysis and a stable product operating are the basic determinants of the effectiveness of all our activities. Enter the world of personalized mobile applications!

The future is now

An important element of the world around us are mobile devices (smartphones, telephones, tablets, PDAs, etc.). Mobile applications enable professional work on these devices. In order for them to be used effectively in business, they should have a well-thought-out structure. Mobile applications should be easy to use and have an appropriate user interface. The ability to work in any place and under any conditions is an additional advantage. Communication with stationary solutions, the use of mobile devices (e.g. scanning QR codes, RFID, etc.), easy distribution and updating – you can exchange …
Opsenio focuses on mobile applications supporting the business activities of enterprises. These types of applications are dedicated to the following areas:

  • Enabling people operating in the field to work effectively (e.g. salesmen, couriers, drivers, service brigades),
  • Improving the work of people who often move around the company (e.g. warehouse workers, service technicians, etc.),
  • Enabling customers and suppliers to communicate with the company.

Mobile apps – why is it worth it?

When creating projects, we provide ready-made tools from well-known manufacturers and we design solutions for both Android and iOS devices. The functionalities of mobile applications provided in this way are integrated with the already existing systems owned by our clients (ERP, CRM, EAM, CMMS, etc.). Our mobile applications can work online (real-time) and offline (using the built-in database).
Mobile applications created in Opsenio are solutions that optimize and support internal and external processes of companies. Optimization may be related to sales and after-sales activities. Thanks to this, customers have constant access to information about the offer, orders, notifications, contracts, complaints, etc. But that’s not all!

Our mobile applications can be used as perfect communication tools in the implementation of the current activities of companies. Quick access to data and real-time communication are the elements that have a real impact on increasing the efficiency of business processes.

Why is it worth it?


  • Unlimited access to information, 24h / 7
  • Possibility to carry out many operations at any time
  • Significantly shorten the time of customer service
  • Faster execution time and more detailed documentation of their progress
  • Better monitoring of the effects of the activities carried out


  • Support in planning specific works and routes
  • Increasing the efficiency of field operations by quickly delivering the necessary data
  • Better prioritization of work due to the elimination of paper documents
  • Increasing the efficiency of information exchange between employees and individual departments of the company
  • Great support for people working in the field

Over 77% of the population uses mobile phones. 78% of mobile phone owners use them for purchasing and after-sales service. However, this is not the end of the percentage data: 73% of mobile phone owners say that they have made purchases thanks to the use of mobile applications and most importantly: 90% of the time they use mobile phones is spent on using mobile apps.

It is worth remembering

Mobile applications allow users to easily access the information, services and processes they need in real time. Thanks to the immediate possibility of reporting and access to detailed analytical data, they lead to an increase in productivity by as much as 20-40%.

It should also be emphasized that Opsenio is an authorized partner of Zebra, a leading supplier of mobile devices and solutions. We provide both Zebra mobile devices, mobile software running on these devices and devices from other manufacturers.