Advantages of using IBM Cloud in business


The improvements in cloud storage are widely known. However, modern business is evolving extremely fast. That is why it is so important to use IT tools that will not so much keep up with these changes, but will also allow you to develop a real competitive advantage.

Let’s start with simple questions

You are an entrepreneur focused on the development of your business. What do you associate with the term cloud? We know from experience that usually the most intuitive answer is: infrastructure, a good place to move the company’s servers. The advantage of the cloud is the lack of the need to incur hardware costs at the very beginning, shifting costs from capex to opex. Anything else? Here, it is usually more difficult for entrepreneurs to give specific answers.

Advantages of using IBM Cloud in business

The strong dissemination of cloud solutions motivates to expand the product offer. As a customer, you have the right to expect more from the cloud. Why? Because the IBM Cloud platform is not only infrastructure, it is great opportunities.

What can you expect from IBM Cloud?

First of all, flexibility and security. IBM Cloud is advanced technologies, artificial intelligence, private and public cloud. You do not know how to use these tools for the needs of your company? You don’t need to be tech savvy to take full advantage of IBM Cloud. We will tailor specific services to your needs and very efficiently. And time in business always plays a key role. Are we right?

But that’s not all. IBM Cloud enables you to grow resources very quickly to keep your business running smoothly. Examples? We already provide:

  • you are able to anticipate periods of increased demand for individual elements of your offer – you can increase the resources dedicated to handling this exact system even for a short period of time. What do you gain? You pay only for what you need and only when you really need it
  • sudden crisis? Unforeseen system failure, as a result of which customers send an increased number of inquiries and requests for clarification? – when such a situation occurs, one of the key factors is to ensure a sense of security and stay in constant contact with customers. The question is, will the servers handle it? With IBM Cloud, you can be sure it is! Instantly increase your resources, show your professionalism. It takes years to build trust, but it can be lost very quickly
  • need to optimize the customer service process? – with IBM Cloud and an experienced implementer you will do it quickly, easily, and most importantly: safely
  • the need to react quickly to changes, e.g. those caused by the COVID-19 pandemic? – nothing easier. And all this without the risk of incurring huge financial costs.

Interesting services available as part of IBM Cloud

There is no doubt that moving to IBM Cloud improves the quality and efficiency of work. Services available across the entire platform automate key processes. Most importantly: it happens in a countable and fully verifiable way. What examples of services are worth knowing about?

  • IBM Cloud Backup – an effective tool that will protect your data from loss
  • IBM Cloud Databases for PostgreSQL – a relational database available in the cloud streamlines the work of teams that design and develop your company’s systems
  • IBM Cloud Container Registry – huge improvement of applications created with the use of microservice architecture. In addition to the image repository, you will gain access to the static security analysis of your application here
  • IBM Cloud® Databases for Elasticsearch – monitoring is the basis and thanks to this service you can effectively analyze large amounts of data. Are you interested in log monitoring or independent disk and RAM scaling? These words don’t tell you much? We assure you that your developers will appreciate this service.

From the point of view of IBM Cloud development teams, it makes everyday tasks much easier. In addition to constant access to data updated in real time, it is worth emphasizing the usefulness of:

  • IBM Cloud File Storage
  • IBM Cloud pak for data
  • IBM Cloud pak for integration
Advantages of using IBM Cloud in business

The services listed above are only a small part of the advanced solutions available in IBM Cloud. Artificial intelligence, data and containers, blockchain technology and the Internet of Things – the flexibility of this offer means that every enterprise will successfully find tools that will improve its operation. All you have to do is reach for the potential that lies in the cloud!

Are you interested in this offer? Feel free to contact us.

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